Friday, August 22, 2008

Wasn't that Yesterday??

Wasn't that yesterday when....
~Chris told me just to go back to sleep and stop stressing because I thought that my water had broke?
~Then called mom and said, "Yea, we are gonna go to the hospital... I'll call you later!" But she insisted that she meet us there.
~and the triage nurse says "Oh no Mrs. Price, you are having this baby now!" NO WAY!! I still had 3 weeks left! This just can't be. So I tell the nurse, while balling my eyes out, "But you see, we aren't ready yet. I just had a shower for him yesterday!"

So in 3 short hours, Hudson Troy made his big arrival after 3 big pushes and many tears and a BUTT LOAD of a shock to everyone!

Wasn't this yesterday........

Last night, when Chris and I were putting him to bed, telling him that tomorrow when he awoke, he would be 4 years old. I teared up and said that I was sad. I am, I am so sad, that my baby is already 4. It all seems like yesterday when Chris and I left for the hospital, only to think that we were going to return home in a couple of hours. The only thing that we took was a bottle of water.

And came home with a precious little gift, Hudson Troy Price. 7 lbs 19 inches. 10 tiny fingers, 10 tiny toes and perfect little mouth.

To think that all of this took place 4 whole years ago is baffling to me, I'm almost positive that this was yesterday.

But here is Hudson Troy today..... Every bit of 4 years old.

Check back soon for how the wild birthday party went!

Friday, August 15, 2008

It's A Family Tradition

If you are from the south... then I just might have stuck a good ole' country boy song in your head by Hank Williams Jr. ... its a singing in mine right now!

Atleast a year ago, Papa Price started a tradition with Hudson and sometimes Daddy will tag along. On Saturday mornings, they get up, go the "Hair Cut Place" (the name that Hudson has dubbed it), then to the "Train Store" (Legacy Station), and to Waffle House. Recently mom has had the honor to fill in Papa's and Chris' shoes. Its fun! But yesterday, we had a new attendee.... COLEMAN WADE! And NO! We did NOT cut his hair. He was just shadowing. Doing a training session if you will.

Hudson is in love with Ms. Sarah. He will not allow anyone else to cut his hair, or really even talk to him. He will talk her ears off only if I "go to the bathroom" or Daddy is in another room getting his hair done. (you are probably wondering.. Room?? Apparently its old house or something?) Once his cut is complete, he recieves his treat, either "rolly pop" or gum. He chose the later yesterday and enjoyed until lunch time! Thank goodness. I always tell him that if he swallows the gum, he will blow bubbles out his button! Could you imagine?!?! Thats probably why HE DOES swallow it, so he can see the "cool" bubbles!

So here is little Huddy sitting so cute in his Zebra cape with Mrs. Sarah.

Now, we are headed to the train store. Coleman has not been here either. We had a blast. We played with everything and Coleman tried to pull everything off the shelf. Its so much fun hanging out with these boys. They keep me laughing all day! So here are a few pictures of the boy at the train store.

So here we are at the end of the day. The boys had a big day. So here they are, precious little things.... Sleeping! PHEW!

Dinosaur Bones & Diamonds

Who would have thought that digging for dinosaur bones and diamonds would be so therapeutic?
Yes! Please don’t all come at once to see these rare finds! But the Price household has struck gold in their backyard. Yesterday, Hudson and I went in the backyard to dig for dinosaur bones (you and I would call them…. ROCKS!) We were finding those things everywhere. It was unbelievable. Then one had some "hair" growing through it, (that would have been "roots" to us). It’s AMAZING! As we were trying to dig up this big "something", I discovered that it was a DIAMOND! It was beautiful and SO heavy. We added a bazillion bones and diamonds to Hudson’s wagon that he could barely even pull it over the terrain. I think today that he has decided that we are going to build a mountain with it. Sounds good, huh?

Turning Over A New Leaf.... or a FEW of them actually

As you can see in my previous blog post "Mama’s Body", I wasn’t too happy with the appearance. Those lovely parts sagging, rippling, and just down right flabby! So this past Sunday, I have really started to get with the program. Whose program you might ask? Its the Ashley Price Program. Just kinda doing my own thing. I am trying to workout atleast 30 minutes a day, Hudson gets on the stair master beside me and we talk, you know, grown up toddler talk. Its so much fun and quite knee slapping hilarious! He actually sat on the stair master and pushed it down a few times, got off and says "Mama, can you see my ‘button’–what we call the backside— muscles?" WHAT ON EARTH?!?! The child is so silly. Im also trying to do weight watchers. Not attending any meetings! Are you kidding me? Let someone else see my weight, I don’t even like to look at it myself! So wish me luck as I try to stick to this. I knew that I had made some changes last night while at the grocery store when I called Chris to calculate some points for me… that little box of food… 5 POINTS each! So it goes, back on the shelf!
I am currently reading "Being A Great Mother, Raising Great Kids"– By Sharon Jaynes. Its a fantastic read! In the book she said that stay at home mothers have an average of conversation time of 30 minutes a day with their child, whereas the working mother only has 15 minutes! WHOA! So that was yesterday morning that I read that. So all day yesterday, I kept saying… "How many minutes have I conversed with my children now?" Im worried… about entirely way too many things…. Are they gonna grow up too sheltered?… Are they gonna talk to me when they are teens?…. Will they take the right path?…. Will they feel shafted as teens/ young adults from a result in childhood?…. Those kinds of thoughts. I am sure that I am worrying about this way too much. But I want the best for my boys, all THREE of them! I want them to know that we are one family that loves one another and they can always feel safe to climb into our laps. I want them to feel secure and feel like they can come to us anytime and look back later in life with warm hearts.
Hudson will be starting back to school the day after labor day. I can’t believe it. This time next year, he will be attending Kindergarten. This just can’t be! I know it was just yesterday that I was in Labor and Delivery crying at the nurse telling her that he can’t come out now… WE AREN’T READY FOR HIM!!! He still has THREE weeks LEFT!!! But no, Hudson does things on HIS OWN TIME! We bought him some new school shoes yesterday. He was thrilled when we got home. He put them on, turned on the "Super Why" soundtrack on the computer and cleaned up all of toys as he also "worked out" running around the room. We always tell him that we can’t believe how big he his getting. So one day, he said, out of the blue.."Mama, when I get so big, will I still be able to fit in the house?" Hee Hee!
And little Coley…..That little booger! He is a handful! Over the past week, he has turned into a daddy’s boy. Not good! He was a total Mama’s boy. We will have to work on that! Usually everyday when Chris comes home from work, Cole is eating dinner in his high chair. He hears Chris open the door and Cole will immediately start waving and "tisss tisss disss disss"ing. thats usually what all he says! Its precious! He is beginning to walk. His favorite thing to do is "Grab Drawer". Instead of grab bag… he does grab drawer. he goes to the drawer, opens it, he can’t even see in it, but he will reach his hand over into it and just pull & throw things out. Although it makes a HUGE mess, its cute. I tend to like tripping over measuring cups, spatula, pot & pans! He will take anywhere from 3-7 steps at a time. Then he says, heck with this…. Im crawling! He could win a gold medal for the fastest crawler! He is absolutely precious! I never thought that I could have enough love in my heart to love both children (when I was pregnant with Cole). I remember when mom used to say, you will love them differently, b/c they are different. Its so true. These boys are the highlights of my life and its such a total blessing to be a mommy and watch my children grow. Some days I wish that I could just fast forward to the end, but most times, I wish that I could just push the pause button so that I could soak in every little detail of the moment.
So I kinda got away from the topic, but thats okay. To sum up… my new leafs are getting in better shape, eating better, spending more than 30 minutes in conversation with my boys, soaking in every detail, and putting away "things" that are NOT IMPORTANT!

Where is that REWIND BUTTON?

Why is it that I wake up so darn early and can’t go back to sleep?!?! Could it be that Chris has sawed a WHOLE entire forest since he got in bed? Or is it that I want to make sure that I don’t over sleep? I have a heard of cattle running through my mind screaming thoughts at one another…..
This is at 4 AM, this morning. You know what? I’ll get up, empty the bladder, fluff the pillow, remove my socks, lay on my belly, and THAT will make me go BACK to sleep…….. Okay, get on my side…… It’s the other side that I need to be on, yes that’s it! WHAT ON EARTH?!?!?
Shoot a MONKEY! I’ll just get up! No need staying in here while Chris has logs falling over everywhere, TIIIIMMBBBEEEEERR!! Let’s get some coffee and work a few minutes, then I will rest again before I have to go to the eye doctor. Yes, its true, IM GETTING OLD! I can’t see close up! I knew it was really bad when I was trying to get a splinter out of Mama’s finger and I had to place my bottom jaw on the kitchen table and have Chris hold my top eyelids up by strings. I did get the splinter out though! So here I am…. trucking away on the computer. I did get lots accomplished this morning but I am soooo tired and dragging! The doctors appointment went really well.- going to get glasses tonight.
When I get home, the kids are having a great time with daddy! The house is a wreck! The boys decide that they need to play some instruments. In my house, its the pots and pans with the spatulas and serving spoons. Mmm, this isn’t going to be fun! My eyes are dialated, I can’t see squat, especially close up, I need to wear my sunglasses, IN THE HOUSE! And the boys are BANGING on the pots and pans. Coleman ends up being a little fussy and I decided to put him down for a morning nap.
While we are in his room, Im rubbing his back. What on earth did he lay in thats made his back so wet? I turn him around and there last nights dinner all over my arm, his back, and ooooozing out of his diaper. Nice!?!? Ugh, I just had breakfast! Now hes all cleaned up and Im taking him back to nap. Hes out. The day got better from there. It was never bad or even slightly off, just a typical day- A FUN DAY! Im so blessed that I have my babies, that poop on me!
Hudson and I then went outside to make our Pinecone Bird Feeders. He loved it so much…. eating the peanut butter that is. I actually had a great time. It was therapeutic for me to sit out there, in the sun, and make something with my hands. My hands…. always got to be moving! We hung up 5 pine cones. Im excited about seeing all the new birds!
So that Rewind Button? Would I ever push it? Nah, probably not, then life would be way too boring! And who likes simplicity any ways! I love living a life full of chaos and LOVE! Share the love!

God's Show & Tell

Didn’t you just LOVE it when you had Show & Tell in school when you were little! The excitement! It was just overwhelming! You were so excited to take your cool toy to show off, b/c you KNEW it was the best one! And there was also excitement b/c you were anxious to see your friends cool stuff that they were showing off!
Well, Im so thankful that my wonderful Heavenly Father plays this game with me every single day. Its so fun! Then when you have kids, its even funner, on many levels.
I love to have my quiet time with the Lord when everything seems to be waking up and the sun starts rise. I typically like to do this in the living room so that I can look out the open windows that stare straight into the bright, beautiful & rising sun. The trees are so thick and green with a flourish of birds flying and squirrels running around them. Its such a beautiful sight!
Over the last several months, I have had some struggles… Simple things…. Just how are we going to make it through and survive, etc. Times are tough, as it is with everyone else. But I still try not to worry, especially now, knowing that it hurts my God! HE is going to care and provide for me and my family. I just have to trust Him! (Something else Im having to get used to!)
But this past Monday morning, I really felt like the Lord was just wanting me to stare out the window (Im hoping thats what it was and I wasn’t just asleep with my eyes open!!). So I would read a little and then… we’ll say gaze, not stare, out the window at God’s beauty! Im currently reading a book called "Anxious for Nothing" by John MacArthur. VERY GOOD! GREAT! FANTASTIC read! I wish that I would have had this several months ago. Anyhow. So Im reading…. get this….Matthew 6: 25-34….. This is where Jesus is telling us to go so that we can be free from worry. 26: "Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, nor reap, nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they?" Are you kidding me? This is great! And then here He goes again, telling me to turn my head and look at His beauty…. BIRDS ARE EVERYWHERE EATING! We have a feeder out on the porch and they are all flying around eating, singing, and having a grand time! And a happy little squirrel runs up and enjoys a little too!
It’s just amazing how God can take situations like that and say, "Hey! Trust me! I have it all under control! You can’t do this without me! Let ME take care of YOU!" ….. And so, He does!
Can’t wait to see what He has in our "Show and Tell Game Plan" for tomorrow!

Today's Memory

Every day is a new day! I try to make each day special. Not sure how I will do that. I tend to run out of fresh ideas to entertain these little monkeys. Unfortunately, I don’t have many childhood memories. Not sure why, I just don’t. And it actually makes me kind of sad. I want to make sure that my boys can look back on their life with heartwarming memories of their childhood and how much fun that they had.
This summer Im trying to add in new, fun, and exciting things. Last week, Hudson and I planted his garden. I got two planter boxes and his very own seeds. He had to plant them. So last Friday when him and Nama when in the back yard, he had seen that they started to grow! The excitement in him was uncontainable (is that a word?)! It definately spread like wildfire through the family. We all rushed down to see HIS GARDEN! So thats one memory. Anyhow, more things are in the works.
But todays memory….. We went out front, to water the flowers, on our scheduled watering day Im sure. Actually I have NO CLUE as to when our watering days are, so Im sure that the lovely couple down the street that has said a few choice words to me will call the county on me. Sorry….. there goes my thoughts again. Okay, so Hudson is out with me, hes playing and Im watering. He walks in front of the hose and I thought…. Mmm, Im gonna soak him! And I did! We had so much fun! He was laughing so much! Telling me that there was a rain storm, he was under a waterfall, and all kinds of crazy stuff. It was adorable! I love doing silly things like that with him. He had a blast and I did as well. And NO! I didn’t get soak…. no one needs to see a beached whale in the middle of Georgia!

Domestic Engineer...NOW HIRING!

This is a blog that I did almost a year ago and I think that its so funny! So I wanted to add it to my page!
Friday, August 10, 2007
A Day in the Life of A Domestic Engineer Current mood: exhausted

A day in the life of a domestic engineer, myself….
As the day begins…. Well, it never really ended from the day before since I went to bed at 11, woke up at 3:30 and 5:30 to feed Coleman. Oh, and Hudson woke up needing to find that toy that he wasn’t supposed to go to bed with. Ok, they are both back to sleep and now its almost 6. I will try to get a little more sleep before we are up for good for the day. Now Hudson’s in my face asking me, "Mommy, can I play my game?" "No sweetie" I groggily say. "Its not time to get up yet. Get in the bed with us for a little while." So he does for 10 minutes only to get up again, pull the blinds back and say "no, mommy, its day! We can get up now!" Well, better luck tomorrow I tell myself.
Now, what’s for breakfast? I’ll fix the usual. Scrambled eggs with bacon. Sometimes Hudson will eat dry cereal or even at times, he’ll have a snack. Then some days, I glance at the clock. WHAT? Its already 11!!! I haven’t even had breakfast yet, (not good for a nursing mother!) I’m still in my pajamas! Where did the morning go? Oh yea, that’s right! Coleman was a little fussy this morning and wanted to be held and of course, he has eaten twice since he woke up and now, lets get him down for a nap. Lets let Hudson play his game that way I can keep it quiet for Coleman while I’m putting him down for his nap. Hmm? What’s that I see on the computer desk? NO! That’s not the water bill that was due Monday, THIS PAST MONDAY! Ok guys! Lets load up in this hot as a monkey’s armpit weather and go to the County Water Office. Of course, we go through the drive-thru. There is NO way that I am lugging the baby in with a toddler in tow as well, in this heat. Did I mention how hot it was? So we pull up… Here’s where being a girl comes in handy. "Hello sir! (with a huge smile). I know that this bill is late, it was due Monday, but you see, my son has been sick this week (TOTALLY TRUE!) and…" The young man then says "Its okay ma’am, there won’t be a late fee." Phew!! That’s great! Especially right now! So here we go, back home, in this furnace! Hurry into the house so we don’t suffocate in this heat.
Now, its lunch time! What shall we cook? Wait a minute? Didn’t Chris say when he left that he wanted me to make tea? Ok, lets start that and while that cooking on the stove, I’ll call the Department of Revenue (if you don’t know, Chris and I own our own business and I take care of all taxes, payroll, and books. Sometimes from home and many times we all load up and head to the shop.) and see if I can get this issue resolved. All the while, Coleman is in the swing fussing and Hudson is playing his game, again! Okay, now the IRS and State should be pleased. Now, Hudson and I sit down to enjoy our lunch that was heating up while I was on the phone. No, why is Coleman crying? I’ll just hold him while I bounce, walk, and rock, and swing by the table to grab a bite and remind Hudson to eat too. Did I mention that Coleman has Acid Reflux and Colic? Yea, no fun!
After lunch is naptime. Lets feed Coleman and get him down so that I can spend a few quality alone minutes with Hudson while I put him down. Hurry! Jump in the bed with Hudson, read some books and sing. I come out, he’s going to sleep. (Some days, Coleman is so fussy that I have to call Chris and get him to come home and help me. What a luxury I have to have the ability to call my husband and tell him to come home!) No, is Coleman awake now? Shove the pacy in his mouth and get him back to sleep. "Mommy, I wanna stay awake?" Says Hudson behind me. This battle getting him to sleep only happens every once in awhile, but today was a BATTLE! I had to actually close his door to keep him in there after he came out with 10 different off the wall excuses as to why he couldn’t sleep. Now, lets see? What’s for dinner? The menu thought process usually begins first thing in the morning and the preparations come at nap time. That is unless I’m putting it in the crock pot and I’ll do that when I wake up. Okay, so we’ll have this…. Shh! What’s that? Coleman’s awake again! You see, he doesn’t sleep much. I’ll just put him in the swing so he will sleep and that will give me a few minutes of peace. Back to sleep he goes. Now, its time for Chris to come home. Good thing I got that tea made! This is when we usually have time to talk and share things. Sometimes, its just quiet, which we enjoy. He enjoys his lunch and sweet tea. Since someone has to make us some money, he has to go back to work. I do try to make money, but that comes later in the night. Ooo! That sounds naughty! Totally legal what I do…. I’ll get to that! Well, you know, I think that I am going to sit down and rest for a moment. Just when I close my eyes, I hear Hudson waking up. Oh well! Now we play, do laundry…. No! Is that load that’s in the washer the one that I put in there last night? Yep! Well, gotta re-wash them since it soured. One time I actually washed a load of towels 4 times before they made it to the dryer without souring again! Please just don’t forget that you put those in there again! Now, I believe that I will get in the shower. Better yet. I’ll wait till Chris get home and I’ll barricade myself in there! Oh to shave my legs and wash my hair…
Yeah!! The Jungle Gym has arrived!! That would be daddy! You see. God has blessed me with the best husband and daddy in the world! Seriously, there are only a handful of daddys out there that are almost as good as the one my children have. Hudson literally gets to jump all over daddy! Chris is such a hands on daddy, except for when Coleman poops make an appearance. He acts like he’s allergic. However, there was a 2 week period to where he couldn’t change poop diapers due to a vaccine that was given to Coleman that could cause harm to Chris. Those 2 weeks are long gone and he’s still not changing poops! That’s okay! I tend to enjoy it though. Coleman LOVES his changing table, so I like to go in there and laugh and talk with him anyhow. Its gets us away from the crazy "Gym".
So we sit down to dinner, and Coleman decides that he wants to be fussy again. No biggie! I’ll just walk around with him again and grab bites here and there. We clean up after dinner and then its bath time. The mommy duties are diminishing a little as the daylight hours come to an end. Chris gives Hudson’s bath and I do Coleman’s. We get them in the bed, only to crash on the couch. Here’s where I am to turn from mommy to a "wife". Many of you know what I am talking about. Its not the easiest thing in the world to do, but its worth it!! Some nights, I try to make money. (not necessarily during the "wife" process!) Legally, like I said. I have been listing stuff on eBay well up until midnight. Then, I’m so tired that I crash into the bed only to be woken up in a few short hours by sweet little Coleman, needing to eat again. You see, a day in the life of a mommy, never ends. The days are continuous even though the "calendar days" actually change. I guess that’s why I have missed so many birthdays, bill due dates, and appointments. Since August of 2004 it has just felt like one LONG day!
I hope that this doesn’t offend anyone. This was actually brought on by a conversation that I had with a friend recently in regards to how much money stay at home moms should make. I can’t put an amount on it. But you couldn’t pay me a million dollars to do something else. Although times are tough, the Lord has blessed our family with the ability to allow me to stay at home with our boys and have our boys go to the shop with us. So God bless you, you working mothers! I don’t know how you do it!
It’s a good thing that I am done typing now, both boys are awake again!

Mama's B-O-D-Y

Yea! Right! I know…. a mama’s body! What more can say about it?
In my early 20’s I was alot smaller, size 4 on a good day and a 6 on bad. Nice tan, pretty nails, pretty blonde hair. NO KIDS- well just one, but he was potty trained and could pretty much take care of himself on his good days.
2004: a little weight had creeped on from the late night drive thru’s on my way home from class at 10:00 at night, the previous semester. But also this year, Hudson was born in August! What a joy he was! Perfect little baby! Mama’s body went back somewhat. Not near what it was, but I tried to achieve, just never got there…. bought that LOVELY weight gym thingy in the basement. PROMISED Chris that I would use it and work out. And he promised me that he work out with me….. Have we even been down there together at the same time? Better yet… Has Chris even seen that thing? Probably just in passing.
August 2006: Coleman was conceived! Whew! Got out working out and getting the pre-baby body back postponed! It’s cool, I’ll work on that later! When he was born…. putting him down, NOT AN OPTION! So one would think that my arms would be toned after carrying him around day in and day out. My calves would be HOT and TONED from bouncing on my tip toes ALL NIGHT LONG while he was screaming. But they aren’t.
So now, let’s go today! As I am getting ready, just to go to the library, I look in the mirror and say "What has happened to me? Where did I go?" And the last 4 years flash in front of my eyes…. My TWO VERY PRECIOUS HEAVEN SENT BABIES are where the time and body has gone! Standing there with just my under garments on, I see those weird "rolls" and "lines" on my belly that I noticed on my grandmother YEARS ago and thought to myself, "I will NEVER have those!" But I do… and Im trying to love them.
So lets break it down, from the TOP!:
HAIR: still blonde, with ALOT of bleach.. the gray SHINING through, but I wouldn’t have the gray if my babies weren’t here to give me something worth worrying about.
Wrinkles on my face: I say that they are laughing countless hours and the silly things that they do and staying up late to wash sheets from sick nights!
Yellow Stained Teeth: From the numerous cups of coffee I drink in the morning from staying up all night with a sick baby or one that screamed, but I had those few extra hours just to hold my bundle of joy.
The Saggy Barely There Boobies: Those are from nursing 2 little boys! And I am so proud to say that I have 2 little angels that I was able to bond with that way!
Triple Decker in the Mid section: CRAP! Who knows how ALL three got there! But the ability to concieve and carry is such a gift that I will take a Quadruple Triple Decker if I have to.
BABY GOT BACK BOOTIE!: Well, its just flat and wide…. can’t blame that on the kids…. just plain genes, not jeans…. genes! Maybe if I bought some of those slimming jeans, that would help my genes?
Connect the Dots Legs: Connect the dots, la la la….. No telling where all these bruises came from. Usually from a toy being thrown, tripping on toy, hurrying to clean up & end up hitting the dishwasher, table, or something. But if there were no bruises, that would mean no toys to try to hide from, trip over, or clean up!
Mama’s Body! I love it! I was sad when I really took a look at it today. But every single "problem" that I see is nothing! My boys think that I hung the moon and the love that they give is worth every single bruise, roll, saggin’ boob, wrinkle, not so pearly white teeth and gray course hair! I love my new traits! Thank you boys! It’s not everyday that a woman can concieve and have the ability to carry. So with all of this being said, I’m so very thankful for ALL of my imperfections that I have. Because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have these two little gifts, whose names are Hudson Troy and Coleman Wade.
Now, who wants to join me for a Molten Chocolate Cake with extra Whip Cream and loaded with ice cream? And a trip to STARBUCKS! MMMM Yummy!

Mama knows Best!

My mama is the BEST by far…. always knows what to say or do! Whenever she is here, I NEVER have to ask her to do anything. She just always knows what to do, when to do it and does it THEN! She knows my children like the back of her hand. Knows their every sound and what they mean. Knows their daily routine, favorite foods, tv shows, and clothes. Not only does she know them, she KNOWS ME! Like the FRONT AND BACK of her hand, arm, legs, etc! I have yet to even tell her this story, but its stuck in my mind and I can’t get it off, so I decided to do a little bloggin’ about it!
On the day of Coleman’s birthday party, I wanted everything to be perfect, eventhough it was only family and our very best friends coming…. who have all seen us and our home in complete chaos! But still, I always like to look like I have it together and my house always looks that nice and neat! (who am I kidding!) Anyhow, (I know, blah blah blah… get on with the story!). As I walked through the kitchen, I noticed the little filter holder for the coffee pot that was sitting on the counter and thought, "Oo! That needs to be put away!" That thought was the last one I had….. until later that night when I went to make coffee for the next day. The filter holder was NOT THERE! And a small smile came to my face and a sweet warmess to my heart! SHE KNEW!!! She knew that I wouldn’t want that on the counter! I never had to mention to her that I didn’t want that there, she just did it!

"Man Tools"

Today the kids and I were on our daily walk. Hudson complained that his ankle was hurting, that something had scratched it. I checked it out, nothing that I could see. Then after several steps I realized that a long screw had come loose from his bike. I pulled it out and told him that him and daddy would have to fix it tonight.
At dinner Chris and I explained to Hudson that the screw will need a nut on the other end to hold it onto the bike. As you may know, Hudson is ALWAYS concerned about things and ask 90 million questions. Hudson was asking Chris, making sure that he had one nut to fix the bike…
……Im sure you can see where this is going…..
So heres the conversation at the dinner table tonight:
HUDSON: "Daddy, do you have two nuts?"
CHRIS: "Well, yes, I do!"
Hudson: (with his arms stretched out as wide as they would go) Are they thiiiiiiis big daddy?"
CHRIS: "THEY ARE! And how big are your nuts Hudson?"
HUDSON: (once again, the arms stretched out SUPER far!) "THIIIIIIS BIG!"
HA! Kids! You gotta love them! We were dying! I was on the floor practically! Hudson had (and still has no clue) that he was saying something so crazy!

I forgot the KITCHEN SINK!

As we prepared for a lovely Memorial Day with friends and family, in the beautiful City of Dacula, located ONLY 4 miles from house…. I forgot the kitchen sink for our 1/2 day trip! How can that be? Well you see, I am self-diagnosed OCD. Not really been confirmed by any type of Doctor, other than Ashley Price!
We headed out around 9:30 to Hebron for the Dacula Parade and we were so excited! Hudson was just beside himself, he couldn’t wait! We had the back of the car PACKED with EVERYTHING, except the kitchen sink. We had a stroller, wagon, cooler for cold stuff, bag for snacks, diaper bag full of first aid, diapers, and all the other neccessities that someone MIGHT need! Plus, several blankets in case we needed them at the park if all the tables were taken up. I know, who else on earth would think of ALL THIS STUFF to take? Oh! I forgot Hudson’s bike! Not in the car, but on my list, I would NEVER forget to actually take something like that.
we had a great time at the parade. Caught WAY TOO much candy! But it was so much fun! And humbling to see all these people in cars, floats, etc that served our country and gave their lives for OUR FREEDOM! Thank you! Hudson came to the conclusion that only baby horses poop on the road because they can’t use the potty like the big horses!
After the parade, we packed up and headed to Little Mulberry Park AKA "Blueberry Park" to have a picnic with some great friends of ours (the Sissom’s) that had way too much fun laughing along with us about me forgetting the kitchen sink…. and moist towellets! The kids had a blast and rode thier bikes around the park. Although, Bryleigh decided that she would rather "Get some exercise" by walking and not ride her bike! Silly little girl she is! It was such a beautiful day to be outside and play and catch some fresh air. Coleman did FANTASTIC! He had to skip his morning nap and just hang in there all day and tag along to the plans. He strolled along all afternoon! Sweet little boy he was! We then made a pit stop at the new Ben N Jerry’s in Dacula. YUMMY!!!!! Although Hudson CAN NOT STAND ice cream, he picked the M&Ms off his ice cream and then headed out to play.
We had a fantastic day of fun with our family and friends! I guess that its okay that I forgot the kitchen sink, we really didn’t need it…. and everything else that I brought!

Another Year Gone By

So this morning, I’m a little sad! I’m preparing for Coleman’s 1st birthday tomorrow! I can’t believe that my little baby is already ONE and it seems like yesterday I was pacing waiting for him to come EARLY when in fact, he arrive a DAY LATE! My boys (all 3) have been such a blessing to me and recently taught ME whats really important in life… reading books, playing hide n seek, coloring, laying in the grass looking at the clouds (although Cole has to have a blanket, he can’t stand the grass), and the list goes on. Seeing my children grow up right before my very eyes is exciting but yet very sad…. That means Im getting older too! And Chris… well, that means that he’s really getting older!
In this last year Coleman has done alot! As most babies at his age do. He has learned to give mommy a kiss and that melts my heart! He has daddy wrapped about his finger, right beside his brother! Actually last night when Chris came home, I was in Cole’s room changing his diaper and when he heard his daddy he got so MAD because I wasn’t going fast enough. I had to take him to see his daddy (who hung the moon!) so that he would be happy! The boys and their daddy! I’m beyond blessed to have such a wonderful daddy to my children. Over the last week I have weaned Coleman off his "Magic Medicine" (Prilosec for acid reflux) and he seems to be doing great! No spitting up or the fussies!

Be sure to check back soon! I hope to learn how to post pictures from the party!