Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Hat That I Have Always Wanted To Wear!

Growing up, I knew that I always wanted to be able to stay at home with children as the grew up, went off to kindergarten, came home in the afternoon, took them to practice, you know... all that stuff! I want to be the cool mom that all the kids want to be around, but most importantly, I want MY kids to want me to be there. We are currently in Hudson's 3rd week of kindergarten and he loves that we are able to be so hands on with him at school. Im so excited to be able to participate in so much that he does there. I love picking him up from school... which daddy tends to be the one taking him and picking him up everyday. But I get the giddies when I see him walking down the walkway, then waiting patiently for his turn to get in the car to go home. We have also recently started him in Soccer. He loves it! Hes beginning to be sure of himself and the decisions that he makes... so this is good for him. Today, I started Coley in Mommy & Me gymnastics! Whoa! that boy needs to let out some energy and he did so today! He had a blast!
So the hat that I SO PROUDLY WEAR IS THE : "Carpool, hat wearing, coffee drinking, pajama wrinkled, soccer, taxi mama!"
Hee hee! I just love the title!

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Kelly Ford said...

I'm so glad you are getting to do exactly as you've always wanted. Its good to see dreams fulfilled, isn't it?!!! And you're a great mommy. Hudson and Coleman are blessed to have you :-)
Ps... 2 posts in one 6 month time period?! WOW! you're on a roll!