Friday, June 4, 2010

Saving The World One Animal & Baby At A Time

Well, in the last few weeks.... this oil spill has really created one big mess! And its a little depressing since its ruining so many beautiful beaches! But with that being said, Chris and I never watch the news. We just can't take the stress of the world. I kinda like living in my land of oblivion! So, my thoughts here are to go to the beaches and rescue every living creature and nurse them back to health. Now, in reality, is that really possible? No probably not. But I still want to help out somehow......

To the latter part of the title, Saving a BABY! Yes! I want to extend our family, somehow. I really want another baby. But like the animals, how realistic is that?? Not really. I say that, but ultimately the Lord has a greater plan and that just may be his plan... whether is a goldfish (what Chris wants) or to take on an orphanage (what I want!). After watching The Blind Side and seeing that you can help out kids even without taking on the legal route has helped me see an easier approach to expanding the family. Then theres the animal shelter thats right up the road, I want to adopt all the animals! I dont know! I almost feel like our family isn't complete, we need to extend it out somewhere.... and Im not really sure if this child needs to physically come from me? You know what I am saying?! Nod your head yes here please! :)

Its definately a thought that I am interested in..... whether it be a dog, cat, duckie covered in oil from the stupid BP people, a child that needs a little more direction in life, or a baby that needs to be welcomed into our family for life....... I have the desire to expand, but I really don't want a goldfish, I can't love on them!

I'm Itching!

Oh! My! Gracious!
I haven't blogged in many many many months! I just can't keep up with it all.... but Ive got the itch to get started again! WEIRD! So my last post we were 3 weeks into Kindergarten with Hudson and I was excited about that Hat! Now we are 3 weeks post Kindergarten and the hat that I am wearing is definately my ball cap! Whew! SCHOOLS OUT FOR THE SUMMER! We are going to the pool, hanging out and just going to play!
So heres to my little itchy... Im scratching ya! I just MIGHT blog for a few more months then stop again, who knows! Like who really follows me anyhow!?!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Hat That I Have Always Wanted To Wear!

Growing up, I knew that I always wanted to be able to stay at home with children as the grew up, went off to kindergarten, came home in the afternoon, took them to practice, you know... all that stuff! I want to be the cool mom that all the kids want to be around, but most importantly, I want MY kids to want me to be there. We are currently in Hudson's 3rd week of kindergarten and he loves that we are able to be so hands on with him at school. Im so excited to be able to participate in so much that he does there. I love picking him up from school... which daddy tends to be the one taking him and picking him up everyday. But I get the giddies when I see him walking down the walkway, then waiting patiently for his turn to get in the car to go home. We have also recently started him in Soccer. He loves it! Hes beginning to be sure of himself and the decisions that he makes... so this is good for him. Today, I started Coley in Mommy & Me gymnastics! Whoa! that boy needs to let out some energy and he did so today! He had a blast!
So the hat that I SO PROUDLY WEAR IS THE : "Carpool, hat wearing, coffee drinking, pajama wrinkled, soccer, taxi mama!"
Hee hee! I just love the title!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So Long, Farewell

As you can tell by the previous post, my life has been through some major changes in the last few years. During this time, some relationships were let go of and many new ones were built; which I am extremely grateful for in both of those cases. But Im so frustrated! I just don't get how some people can just be so rude and stuck on themselves to treat others the way that they do and think that its okay. Then again, they maybe thinking the same thing about me. I maybe rude and only thinking about myself. Ggrr! Why oh why did this all of a sudden start urking me tonight when its been over and gone for so long now?!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Battle of Mind-- I WILL WIN!

Let me first start this out by saying that I am FAR from perfect. Some of you have commented that you are amazed that I spend time with the Lord everyday like I do. I have to. I will tell you shortly why I am so dependent on Him, like He has called me to be. Over the holidays I wasn't as faithful as I wanted to be, I felt rushed or didn't even open my Bible or sit and talk with Him. (My talking in journaling) This morning, the alarm was set and did go off at 6, but I didn't get out of bed until 7:40. I was probably tired because I sat on the computer last night blogging!

Let's go back alot of years. I was saved when I was 12. I went to church regularly. I was involved in choir and every summer would go on choir tour and tell others about Christ. Looking back now, Im not even sure if I knew what I was really doing. After I graduated from high school. I did my own thing. A few years later, Chris and I married, few more years later, got pregnant with Hudson. Then I realized that I needed to get my spiritual life back in order, maybe not even that, just get one period! We visited churches, found one that we loved, but got out of the swing. We then joined Oak Hill, which we loved! There, Chris and I both came to know Christ together and got baptized together. That was an awesome experience. My walk with the Lord was growing, however, not like it should. I was still in bondage to several things that did not honor the Lord in any way, shape or form. We then got pregnant with little Coley. I thought that my walk continued to grow, but it was growing the wrong way. Satan had began to attack my mind, my walk, my marriage, and so many other areas of my life, that once again, were totally not honoring the Lord. After Coleman was born, things began to improve, spiritually. But Satan was still on the prowl. Chris and I then joined Shadowbrook Baptist where my family has been such a blessing! Over the next several months I began to get sick. January 2008 was when it all started. Between then and March, I lost 17 pounds, wasn't able to function as a wife and a mother, couldn't do anything. Little did I know that Satan had totally taken over my mind and he was winning the battle. On March 6th, 2008, the battle was far more than what I could handle anymore. I was taken to the hospital and then went on to Peachford. I am SO NOT ASHAMED of this. People think that mental health is a taboo subject, but let me tell you.... everyone suffers with something somewhere. How awesome it was to be stripped of everything! The Lord literally picked me up from my life that was crumbling, placed me somewhere that I was safe and alone with Him. Then and there is when I realized that I could no longer play "Christian". I couldn't be a pew warmer, I couldn't pretend anymore. He wanted me! All to Himself! He wanted me to focus on Him. So from that day forward, I have tried my hardest to not allow Satan to enter my mind or even try to look at me. That nasty thing... I can't stand him! I have to make the effort to take the time every morning. When Im fresh and can focus on Him and our relationship. If I don't, my day is literally in shambles and Satan will start prancing around me trying to get my attention. My attitude is ugly, Im just not nice. The day literally falls apart before it really ever began if I don't begin it with Him. When I brought this up in Sunday school a very sweet lady recommended to me that I read "Battlefield of the Mind" by Joyce Meyer. I got that and the 100 Devotionals that go along with it. And this has truely helped me alot!

Here is one part that I always turn to, that I love!
2 Corinthians 10:4-6
"for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely powerful for the destruction of the fortresses. We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ, and we are ready to punish all disobedience, whenever your obedience is complete."

~"Lord Jesus, in Your name, I cry out for victory. Enable me to bring every thought into obedience. Help me not to allow Satan's words to stay in my mind and steal my victory. Amen!" (This prayer is from Joyce Meyer in the devotional book and on a sticky!)

I am a major fan of sticky notes and if you have been to my house within the last 10 months, you will see so! I place scripture on sticky notes and put them everywhere! I have to! There has been a handful people that have been complete prayer warriors for me during all of this. Knowing that I ALWAYS have you to lean on has been so awesome. You know who you are and I love you dearly!

So today, if you are one thats struggling with Satan. Struggle no more! Turn to God and turn it all over to Him! "Cast all your anxiety onto Him, for He cares for you!" 1 Peter 5:7. That one was on a sticky note in the car, fridge, cabinets, mirrors, etc!

You will win the battle, but not alone!

Monday, January 5, 2009


Here are a few, and I mean a FEW of my struggles that I deal with on a daily basis.
I'm usually pretty good up until a stressful moment, boredom sets in, or Chris is munching on something that I should not even lay eyes on. Everytime the boys want a snack, for some reason, I think that I need one too! Or when Im walking by the pantry, I think, wonder if anything new is in there? Who hasn't ever opened the fridge or pantry and just stared at it, hoping that something magically appeared there that would satify us?!?! And a biggie here..... I hate to throw away stuff; birthday cake, brownies, that kind of crap, so I will just eat it until its all gone. Give me some advise on what to do in these situations!

And Im currently having a hard time maintaining a good balance of everything that I do. Mainly right now, fitting in the time to work out. I have no excuse not to. The flipping treadmill, weight thinger mabobber, and stair master is literally about 20 feet from me right now.
Heres my daily schedule, tell me where you think that I could make adjustments. And please note, no 2 days are EVER the same.

6 AM: Wake-up, drink coffee, and spend some time with the Lord
7:15-7:30: Boys are up, breakfast, get dressed, etc.
8:40: Load up in the car, head for carpool
9:20: Get back home. Usually Cole will take a nap. I try to get on the computer and catch up with work stuff and personal stuff that needs to be taken care of. And at this moment, Im so far behind on everything!
12:10: Get back in the car, pick up Hudson from school
12:50-2:00: We are back home. Lunch time! Play time, catching up on other household junk
2:00-4:00: I try to get both boys down for naps, but Hudson usually will not take a nap. ( Im guessing that I could sneak in a little work out here.)
4:30-5:00: Trying to get dinner started. Virtually impossible with all of the chaos. Im telling you, my boys, mainly Coleman, is a TERROR!
5:30- daddy comes home
6-8 pm: Dinner, bath and bedtime! After that, Im so pooped that I think that I have 3 husbands from the blurry vision! And that, would not be cool!
8-10: Sometimes, not always, Im back on the computer finishing up stuff, paying bills, blogging! But Im seriously too tired to even walk up and down the stairs. And other times, Im telling Chris "yes, babe! I am awake!" But not really, I have already fallen into a slumber on the couch.

I'm Laying it ALL Out There

Like everyone else around, I'm going to start eating better and getting exercise this year. Why do we ALWAYS do this at the 1st of a new year?!?! Why not March 16th or July 29th? Anyhow, last night I was talking to my friend Jennifer telling her that I have GOT TO GET WITH IT and really meant it this time. She's heard me say that I know, umpteen millions of times, but this time, it's serious.

As you may be aware, I had a complete life changing experience that happened this past March. I have been placed on some medications that unfortunately vamp up my desire to eat. I was born with this natural desire to devour everything in sight and now, oh my stars! It's out of control! Seriously! But back in the summer, I did try Weight Watchers, on my own. The first week, I did lose 4 pounds. And I continued to do well, until Hudson's birthday in August and for some strange reason, me and the Sissom's and my husband all tried to see who could eat the MOST points that day. Yeah, well... I think that I won that day and every day since then. Fast forward to today. This morning, I thought.... I really need someone to hold me accountable. Then that way, I KNOW that I have to report my "results". Last night, Jennifer did say that I should start WW's with her and Richie, but she doesn't scold me enough! Shes not MEAN about it! :) (love you Jenn!) So a little while ago, my friend "Marie" whom I have known since 6th grade, the most fabulous friend in the world, started a new accountability thingy. She has started a new blog page, . And then, the ball started rolling for me! I guess that I am messing with the idea of posting my "results" weekly and letting you (whomever you are!) know whats working, not working, great food ideas, etc. Unfortunately, I'm not one that likes to get eat out alot and eat frozen stuff. I like my stuff cooked.... IN FAT BACK! ;)

Wish me luck! I want to hear from you and how you are doing and please share your ideas with me as well! I need help! There, I admitted it! I NEED HELP!

Happy Weight Loss 2009!