Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hyatt Nolan

Since September 11th, 2008, Chris' 3rd cousin has been in a comatose state. She apparently had post-pardum cardiomyopothy. (Please forgive my medical terminology on this). During pregnancy apparently your heart enlarges, when you give birth, it will return to the normal size. Hers didn't causing her to convulse and then go unconscious, where her husband, Troy, found her in the middle of the night. Since then, she has been in the hospital and unconscious ever since. For more details please view her blog at http://hyatt911.blogspot.com/

Although this information is not posted on the blog, they removed her life support yesterday and just waiting. So please lift this family up in prayer this week and the weeks to follow.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Its been several years since I have headed up a team for the CCFA (Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America) walk. So I've decided to do it this year, well next year really.
I KNOW that its early, but I wanted to make sure that you put it on your calendar!

For those of you that aren't aware, Chris and several of his family members suffer with Crohn's disease. So its our job to help find a cure. Although I can't donate a million dollars, I CAN head up a team to help raise money to put towards research and other educational programs. I pray so hard that my boys will never have to experience what their daddy, uncle, and cousin Casey (15 years old) have been through. A few years ago, Casey was diagnosed with Crohn's, then earlier in the spring he had to have surgery. Fortunately the doctors were able to remove all of the Crohn's, so in essence he is Crohn's free. Some of you may even wonder what Crohn's is. It is a disease that attacks the digestive track, all the way from the esophagus to the rectum. So yes its UGLY! For more information please go to

So heres the good stuff.
The CCFA Take Steps Walk Date: May 30th, 2009
Walk Starts: 5:00
And the BAD part: Its taking place on the Georgia Tech Campus... Im sure that Chris can rig up something so that we show our GEORGIA BULLDOG

Please prayerfully consider this opportunity to make a difference. Even if you personally can't donate anything, your time is valuable to just show up and walk with our team. Please let me know if you are interested and when more information comes about, I will be sure to get it to you.

Thank you in advance for your consideration!
With your help, I hope we can be a record setter!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Survey Says!

Okay, so Im getting bored with the long locks. At first, we cut some bangs. Chris hated them. So now Im growing them out. Which Im kinda liking the "to the side thing". Then last Friday, I found this spiral curling iron in my bathroom and thought that I would use it on my 2 day dirty hair! Yes, VERY dirty hair. I had no option of washing it and girls... you know the old baby powder trick! WA-LAH! Good as new! So heres the hair thats dirty. But Im needing some honest opinions. So leave me a comment and tell me what you think. Grow it back out and do the hum drum straight, Im a mommy look, or show me some sassyness look!


Monday, November 10, 2008

Friday Foto Fun

Friday night before I was leaving to head out to a bridal shower... Hudson and I did a little photo op! He is such a character! Then Cole and I were able to snap one! My little loves! They crack me up constantly!!!
Mmmm?? Wonder where Coley gets his big mouth from??

Laura, Me, and Lacey (the bride to be!) We've been friends since the 6th grade!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

2008 CCFA Torch Gala

What an honor it is to be a part of such a wonderful foundation. In May 2009, I will be hosting my own team for the walk, let me know if you would like to join us! As you may know, Chris suffers with Crohn's disease, along with his brother, John and his son, Casey. Who had surgery earlier in the spring and the doctors were able to remove all that they saw, so in essence, he is CROHN'S FREE! Praise God! We are in the works of searching for a cure, but in the meantime, all research and findings are exciting because it is one step closer than we were. As a mother, my fear is that my babies will suffer with this chronic disease. It is just plain ugly! It effects the complete digestive tract, causing major pain, upset tummies, sensitivity to lots of foods, and so much more. Many children are being diagnosed at earlier ages because of the awareness of it now. Thankfully there are alot of doctors that are involoved with the research. So Im excited about what the future holds. But I have to play my part too and help out.

Saturday, the 8th was the annual CCFA Torch Gala. This is the very first year that it wasn't black tie! Thank goodness! We were able to wear cocktail dresses and the men suits. Very comfy! Well, kinda!

John, Cindy, Mama Anne, Guy, Me, and the Hubbs!
Who knows what on earth was so funny! What are FAAARRR from a normal family.

John, Cindy, CRAZY Ronnie, Mama Anne, Guy, Auntie Nancy, Me, and Chris.But does anyone know what on earth Ronnie is taking a picture of??

Right before the boredom began.....

Here is where are we are not normal and a very comfortable family!

Fat Girl #1 and Fat Girl #2! We love each other! Can you tell? Earlier, Cindy had leaned over while we were walking through a crowd and I spanked her! Little did I know that we were being watched in this very crowded area! As we walked on, this guy leaned over and tapped my shoulder and said, "I saw that!" Talk about emabarrased! I told him it was cool, she was my sister in law! You can tell we don't get out much!

Eating one of my favorite foods... served via my silly sister in law!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hudson, This Breaks My Heart!

I never understood when a parent would say when they had to discipline their child or their child acted out, that it broke their heart.

This week has been a rough one!

Last year in Hudson's 3 year old pre-school, he went on "yellow" one time. (they have a red light system; green=good, yellow=been warned, get it together, and red=down right bad!) After that one time, he never acted out again. And I think that he was talking in the bathroom or something like that?!?! Anyhow, so here we are, not EVEN to Thanksgiving break yet, and he has gone on yellow 3 times already! AND TWICE THIS WEEK. Actually, 2 days in a ROW! UGH! Yesterday he apparently scratched a friend and then he was punching (playing) a friend... in the face! I know, you are never gonna let your children play with mine.. That's okay! I understand! And today, he "grabbed" at another girls face, who he absolutely loves. All of this is in done in a playful manor and out of love. After school today, we were to go meet another girlfriend at the new Dacula McDonald's (we are movin' on uuuup!) I explained to Hudson that if he did not keep his hands to himself today and if he moved to yellow, then we would NOT go. So when hes getting in the car, the teacher tells me that he went on yellow. My heart literally sunk into my tummy! I couldn't believe it! After all we had talked about and it happened again. I know that I shouldn't expect so much at such a young age, but I wanted him to stay on green all day! And please hear me on this.... hes not acting "out" or being mean, he has just come out of his shell. And apparently.... he is never gonna go back in!

So we are buckling up and I explained to him that him that we weren't going to Micky D's. He wasn't happy. And the words just fell out of my mouth. "Hudson, this just breaks my heart." And in his emotional tearful sobbing cry, "Mommy, it breaks my heart too!"

Next week is a new one! And boy have these boys tested me this week! Thank goodness JoJo is coming tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Papa's 70th Birthday Weekend Bash

We had such a fantastic time this past weekend for my father in laws 70th birthday. All 18 people loaded up and headed to Brevard, NC. We stayed in a cozy... and I MEAN cozy, 4 bedroom/ 3 bathroom cabin. It was AWESOME! We had the best time! The kids had a great time staying up late and doing whatever!!!

Don't be jealous, but this was the view from our back porch... and pretty much all the way around the house. Each side had sliding glass doors all across the walls. But how awesome is that picture?!?!?
GOOD MORNING DADDY! Cole was completely naked. He had a major blow out first thing!
Crunching the leaves on the driveway...

On the back porch, about to watch the sunset.

Please excuse us... we weren't trying to impress a soul that weekend!

Poor little Coley, had to sleep in the closet!

Papa going in for his big surprise!
He doesn't understand whats going on. Cindy put together a huge slide show of him growing up and all of the boys and grandbabies. Talk about emotional! And major brownie points! I've gotta top her now!

And yes, this part especially!

Jon & Diana announced on the slide show that they are expecting a

baby girl, "Sofia Marie"!!! The first girl in over 20 years! YAHHHOOOOO!

Needless to say, GamGam was beside herself!

This would be like the 4th time that we stopped coming home. He just had to go on the side of the road this time! The joys of boys!


Today is election day.

And I am nervous as can be!

Nervous for my family and my business and honestly, simply my future in general.

No matter who may win the presidental race in America, God is ultimately in control and I have to continously tell myself that. I know that He will take care of His children.

So if you wavering still, PLEASE prayerfully consider your vote today. The Lord is blessing us with beautiful weather today, so people, GET OUT AND VOTE! Your VOTE COUNTS!