Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hudson, This Breaks My Heart!

I never understood when a parent would say when they had to discipline their child or their child acted out, that it broke their heart.

This week has been a rough one!

Last year in Hudson's 3 year old pre-school, he went on "yellow" one time. (they have a red light system; green=good, yellow=been warned, get it together, and red=down right bad!) After that one time, he never acted out again. And I think that he was talking in the bathroom or something like that?!?! Anyhow, so here we are, not EVEN to Thanksgiving break yet, and he has gone on yellow 3 times already! AND TWICE THIS WEEK. Actually, 2 days in a ROW! UGH! Yesterday he apparently scratched a friend and then he was punching (playing) a friend... in the face! I know, you are never gonna let your children play with mine.. That's okay! I understand! And today, he "grabbed" at another girls face, who he absolutely loves. All of this is in done in a playful manor and out of love. After school today, we were to go meet another girlfriend at the new Dacula McDonald's (we are movin' on uuuup!) I explained to Hudson that if he did not keep his hands to himself today and if he moved to yellow, then we would NOT go. So when hes getting in the car, the teacher tells me that he went on yellow. My heart literally sunk into my tummy! I couldn't believe it! After all we had talked about and it happened again. I know that I shouldn't expect so much at such a young age, but I wanted him to stay on green all day! And please hear me on this.... hes not acting "out" or being mean, he has just come out of his shell. And apparently.... he is never gonna go back in!

So we are buckling up and I explained to him that him that we weren't going to Micky D's. He wasn't happy. And the words just fell out of my mouth. "Hudson, this just breaks my heart." And in his emotional tearful sobbing cry, "Mommy, it breaks my heart too!"

Next week is a new one! And boy have these boys tested me this week! Thank goodness JoJo is coming tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

That is SO HARD to do what you say, even when it breaks both of your hearts! But you made the right decision to not go. He'd never believe any consequences again if you'd have gone back on your promise of the consequence. I'd hug you if I could, friend. :)

The Marlatts said...

YOU DID THE RIGHT THING!!! Thank you for sticking to your word! It makes you so much more credible in the long run...and it wouldn't be a 'rule' if it weren't attainable at their age.

Hipmomofboyz said...

You did the right thing by not going to McD. You stuck to your guns....I hope he has a better week.