Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Papa's 70th Birthday Weekend Bash

We had such a fantastic time this past weekend for my father in laws 70th birthday. All 18 people loaded up and headed to Brevard, NC. We stayed in a cozy... and I MEAN cozy, 4 bedroom/ 3 bathroom cabin. It was AWESOME! We had the best time! The kids had a great time staying up late and doing whatever!!!

Don't be jealous, but this was the view from our back porch... and pretty much all the way around the house. Each side had sliding glass doors all across the walls. But how awesome is that picture?!?!?
GOOD MORNING DADDY! Cole was completely naked. He had a major blow out first thing!
Crunching the leaves on the driveway...

On the back porch, about to watch the sunset.

Please excuse us... we weren't trying to impress a soul that weekend!

Poor little Coley, had to sleep in the closet!

Papa going in for his big surprise!
He doesn't understand whats going on. Cindy put together a huge slide show of him growing up and all of the boys and grandbabies. Talk about emotional! And major brownie points! I've gotta top her now!

And yes, this part especially!

Jon & Diana announced on the slide show that they are expecting a

baby girl, "Sofia Marie"!!! The first girl in over 20 years! YAHHHOOOOO!

Needless to say, GamGam was beside herself!

This would be like the 4th time that we stopped coming home. He just had to go on the side of the road this time! The joys of boys!


Ida B. Goddard said...

too funny - about the naked "good morning" and the peeing on the side of the road. you're right - the joy of boys! glad y'all had a good time and safe travels!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a good trip. Cameron loves to pee anywhere that ISN'T the potty lately. Drops pants right in the backyard. :)