Sunday, November 9, 2008

2008 CCFA Torch Gala

What an honor it is to be a part of such a wonderful foundation. In May 2009, I will be hosting my own team for the walk, let me know if you would like to join us! As you may know, Chris suffers with Crohn's disease, along with his brother, John and his son, Casey. Who had surgery earlier in the spring and the doctors were able to remove all that they saw, so in essence, he is CROHN'S FREE! Praise God! We are in the works of searching for a cure, but in the meantime, all research and findings are exciting because it is one step closer than we were. As a mother, my fear is that my babies will suffer with this chronic disease. It is just plain ugly! It effects the complete digestive tract, causing major pain, upset tummies, sensitivity to lots of foods, and so much more. Many children are being diagnosed at earlier ages because of the awareness of it now. Thankfully there are alot of doctors that are involoved with the research. So Im excited about what the future holds. But I have to play my part too and help out.

Saturday, the 8th was the annual CCFA Torch Gala. This is the very first year that it wasn't black tie! Thank goodness! We were able to wear cocktail dresses and the men suits. Very comfy! Well, kinda!

John, Cindy, Mama Anne, Guy, Me, and the Hubbs!
Who knows what on earth was so funny! What are FAAARRR from a normal family.

John, Cindy, CRAZY Ronnie, Mama Anne, Guy, Auntie Nancy, Me, and Chris.But does anyone know what on earth Ronnie is taking a picture of??

Right before the boredom began.....

Here is where are we are not normal and a very comfortable family!

Fat Girl #1 and Fat Girl #2! We love each other! Can you tell? Earlier, Cindy had leaned over while we were walking through a crowd and I spanked her! Little did I know that we were being watched in this very crowded area! As we walked on, this guy leaned over and tapped my shoulder and said, "I saw that!" Talk about emabarrased! I told him it was cool, she was my sister in law! You can tell we don't get out much!

Eating one of my favorite foods... served via my silly sister in law!

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The Marlatts said...

I have a friend who has Crohn's. She is huge into the research, but I would love for yall to get in touch if your BIL is Crohn's FREE!!! PTL!!!!