Monday, January 5, 2009


Here are a few, and I mean a FEW of my struggles that I deal with on a daily basis.
I'm usually pretty good up until a stressful moment, boredom sets in, or Chris is munching on something that I should not even lay eyes on. Everytime the boys want a snack, for some reason, I think that I need one too! Or when Im walking by the pantry, I think, wonder if anything new is in there? Who hasn't ever opened the fridge or pantry and just stared at it, hoping that something magically appeared there that would satify us?!?! And a biggie here..... I hate to throw away stuff; birthday cake, brownies, that kind of crap, so I will just eat it until its all gone. Give me some advise on what to do in these situations!

And Im currently having a hard time maintaining a good balance of everything that I do. Mainly right now, fitting in the time to work out. I have no excuse not to. The flipping treadmill, weight thinger mabobber, and stair master is literally about 20 feet from me right now.
Heres my daily schedule, tell me where you think that I could make adjustments. And please note, no 2 days are EVER the same.

6 AM: Wake-up, drink coffee, and spend some time with the Lord
7:15-7:30: Boys are up, breakfast, get dressed, etc.
8:40: Load up in the car, head for carpool
9:20: Get back home. Usually Cole will take a nap. I try to get on the computer and catch up with work stuff and personal stuff that needs to be taken care of. And at this moment, Im so far behind on everything!
12:10: Get back in the car, pick up Hudson from school
12:50-2:00: We are back home. Lunch time! Play time, catching up on other household junk
2:00-4:00: I try to get both boys down for naps, but Hudson usually will not take a nap. ( Im guessing that I could sneak in a little work out here.)
4:30-5:00: Trying to get dinner started. Virtually impossible with all of the chaos. Im telling you, my boys, mainly Coleman, is a TERROR!
5:30- daddy comes home
6-8 pm: Dinner, bath and bedtime! After that, Im so pooped that I think that I have 3 husbands from the blurry vision! And that, would not be cool!
8-10: Sometimes, not always, Im back on the computer finishing up stuff, paying bills, blogging! But Im seriously too tired to even walk up and down the stairs. And other times, Im telling Chris "yes, babe! I am awake!" But not really, I have already fallen into a slumber on the couch.


Marie said...

That's life girl! Isn't it crazy how fast it goes by! Life is so much fun. I applaud that you make time for the Lord in the am. I make my time in the evening and I think I go too you have inspired me to wake up a few minutes earlier to make my time then! love you!

The Georgia Pitts' said...

Ashley--I'm impressed with your routine in spending time with God, too. I struggle to make time to do that (not find time, because I believe it can be found, but it has to be made as well). I'm also impressed that you can get your boys up, dressed, and fed in 15 minutes! Can you teach me how to do that with Benjamin?

I look at your schedule, and I guess the ONLY suggestion I have would be to work out while Coleman is taking his first nap. Even if it is just 30 minutes, you could do that, take a quick shower, and still have a few hours to work before you pick up Hudson from school...?

The 5-6pm hour in my house is called "the witching hour", because it is when both boys and both dogs go crazy, the phone rings with telemarketers, my cell phone will ring (usually my mom), etc etc. There is something in the air that time of day--so I COMPLETELY relate to your frustration!!!

So--as far as working out goes--my advice is to try it when you put Coleman down for his first nap. That might be the best point in your day to buy an hour. Plus, it might give you more energy later in the evening to finish your work that you are doing now in the morning....?

Just my thoughts. More on your second blog in a few...

And--thanks for putting your heart out there. You are an inspiration to me!!


Anonymous said...

Girlfriend I am right there with you. The time is there I just fill it with something else... or nothing else but I always have an excuse. This all goes through my head like a recording... rewind, play, rewind, play. That Sunday months ago when you shared some of your struggles in Sunday School, my husband Steve leaned over and said exactly what I had been thinking... it was not by accident that I finished my class early and joined our class just as you started to share. I struggle with depression so severe at times that it's only by the power of God that I get out of the bed and care for my children. I have been in a downward spiral for a few months now but reaching out and asking for help is so difficult. I keep thinking to myself, "For pete's sake I can pull myself together on my own." I've been thinking more and more often lately that perhaps my condition is more than just generic "depression". I've been noting my behaviors, moods, pattern of decisions and choices and seeing somethings that concern me but also give me hope that I can get this under control with the right help. I read a portion of a book written by a woman who struggled as I do now and she had the perfect description of what I feel most of the time. After getting medical treatment she said to her husband one day, "I don't hear the voices in my head arguing anymore." Okay now I am not schizophrenic - I hope not anyway ;o)- nor do I have multiple personalities! But that perfectly describes wy I have such and inability to actually accomplish anything because I have this constant conflict within arguing about what I should or shouldn't do. Wow I've really unloaded on you here! Since I'm on a roll I'll keep going :0)

To turn things more positive I do have one suggestion for you. This suggestion is made not with personal experience but as someone looking from the outside into your schedule as you've described. First I am completely impressed that you have that time with the Lord on a daily basis. I agree with Julie that Cole's naptime is a good time for exercise. Perhaps you could combine your quiet time with a walk or jog on the treadmill.

You are a beautiful woman inside and out. Your heart is in the right place. I will be praying for your success.

Cheri Hardin