Friday, June 4, 2010

Saving The World One Animal & Baby At A Time

Well, in the last few weeks.... this oil spill has really created one big mess! And its a little depressing since its ruining so many beautiful beaches! But with that being said, Chris and I never watch the news. We just can't take the stress of the world. I kinda like living in my land of oblivion! So, my thoughts here are to go to the beaches and rescue every living creature and nurse them back to health. Now, in reality, is that really possible? No probably not. But I still want to help out somehow......

To the latter part of the title, Saving a BABY! Yes! I want to extend our family, somehow. I really want another baby. But like the animals, how realistic is that?? Not really. I say that, but ultimately the Lord has a greater plan and that just may be his plan... whether is a goldfish (what Chris wants) or to take on an orphanage (what I want!). After watching The Blind Side and seeing that you can help out kids even without taking on the legal route has helped me see an easier approach to expanding the family. Then theres the animal shelter thats right up the road, I want to adopt all the animals! I dont know! I almost feel like our family isn't complete, we need to extend it out somewhere.... and Im not really sure if this child needs to physically come from me? You know what I am saying?! Nod your head yes here please! :)

Its definately a thought that I am interested in..... whether it be a dog, cat, duckie covered in oil from the stupid BP people, a child that needs a little more direction in life, or a baby that needs to be welcomed into our family for life....... I have the desire to expand, but I really don't want a goldfish, I can't love on them!

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