Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"Mommy, Will You Pray for Me?"

On Monday morning, during breakfast, Hudson told me that he sometimes gets scared while he is at school. I honestly think that he is just like me, and maybe experiencing some sort of anticipatory anxiety while waiting to head into the classroom.

I told him that when I get scared like that, I just say a little prayer to Jesus to help me not be scared. I also said that when he got to school that morning, to just say it while he was waiting. (They have to wait in the hallway during carpool in the mornings while everyone is unloading). So here we are, pulling into the school and he said, "Mommy, will you pray for me?" WHAT?!?! My heart completely melted! He totally listened to what I said to him- and what the Lord wants us to do- lean on Him!! As I am trying to choke back the tears of joy, I said, "Hudson- lets say it together! Dear Jesus, please help me to not be afraid today. Amen" I sure did feel better, so I pray that he did too. As he is getting out of the car to go into school, he looks at me and says "Mommy, say a prayer for me today." Of course I did. And everyday since then after school, when he gets in the car, he asks, "Mommy, did you pray for me today?"

But this morning, the little man cracked me up. He's about to get out and we are once again talking about praying and he says, "Mom, you can keep your eyes open if you are driving while praying. It's okay." Wow! What a little thinker! The Lord can hear us regardless, if we are shouting, whispering, silently in our heads, or even with our eyes open! Thank you God for constantly revealing Your Word TO ME through my precious 4 year old!


The Marlatts said...
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The Marlatts said...

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Kelly Ford said...

That is precious! He is such a doll, Ashley!