Wednesday, October 1, 2008


You've got to love them! They come in, clean your house, do your laundry, cook your meals, take care of your children... all while us moms are watching our favorite soaps, eating Bon Bon's and drinking expensive.... lemonade!

But the REAL "Nanny's" that I am talking about are my grandmothers which are the boys great grandmother. We have Nanny McDaniel, who lives in Winterville, just on the out skirts of Athens. And Nanny Stephens, who lives in Thomson, 30 miles from Augusta. Over the last 2 weekends we have taken trips to go visit both. These nanny's are better than the ones mentioned above. They can spoil to no end and give that unconditional love and memories that will last a life time.

We went to Nanny McDaniel's last weekend. It was quiet a heart breaker to go there and not have Papa there. He's there, just looking down. He passed away back in July. Talking to Hudson about heaven has been tough. Hes just like me, he needs black and white and to be shown every thing. He didn't even realize that Papa wasn't there, but a couple of days later, he did say, "Mama! We didn't see Papa McDaniel." So later that day (we were on our way to school) I had the talk with him. His Papa was the first one that introduced him to good ole Georgia Sweet Tea!

The fun love of a grandparent, they always do what a parent won't! Nanny also introduced Hudson to green onions, he loved it!

Anyhow, Im totally enjoying looking at these old pictures and loving how my grandparents love my babies! Nanny was happy to see us and it was so nice to be able to visit with her. The boys took her a few little gifts and we had such a wonderful afternoon with her.

Riding the gator around the yard and field! Hudson & Daddy... and Dixie (the dog) had a blast!

And then our trip to Nanny Stephens.....

This was a blast! We arrived around noon on Saturday. Quickly unloaded the car so that Hudson could play. He was ready to get in the sand. He was having a ball! Staying HOT and NASTY! Which is exactly the way that he should be!

Then while Coleman was taking a nap, Hudson came in and played with Nanny.... with some crazy toy that we couldn't figure out!

After nap, we headed out to Evans, where my Aunt Claire lives (and she might as well be a nanny too! Shes my "other mother" and grandmother to my babies! What a blessing! Love you Aunt Claire XOXO) We grilled out some YUMMY hamburgers (no matter what you say Tim! hee), corn on the cob, and lots of other yummy stuff. Hudson got to ride with his "Other Uncle Tim" on the John Deere lawnmower, which he enjoyed. Nanny enjoyed feeding Coleman some fruit as well. It was a great time!

Oh yes! And this.... this is the after part. Apparently Uncle Tim was watering the grass and Hudson decided (with Dad's permission) that he could run through the water sprinkler. Then, Hudson is in a mudslide! Ooops! So Daddy had to hose him off! (we were rednecks gone to town!

Cole playing with the computer. And meeting his Great Uncle David for the first time.

Here they are passed out from such a long day. It was only a few hours later that Hudson fell out of the bed and Coleman decided that he would wake up too and NOT GO BACK TO SLEEP!

Shew! We are finally on our way home! Eating an ice cream cone from McDonald's and enjoying the ride! (Hudson is actually saying, "Mommy! Don't take a picture!)

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