Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Maybe I Will Leave the WHOLE Kitchen This Time!

We are preparing to leave on yet another little getaway this weekend. We are leaving Friday morning heading to Brevard, NC to celebrate Papa's 70th birthday! (Chris' daddy). All of us live here in Dacula, except for Tim, but we are ALL traveling to NC to celebrate a birthday! FUN! I am really excited to get away, again! I keep thinking that I need to pack.... but what on earth!?!? What I am going to pack!??! I have clothes in the washer, dryer, in baskets in the laundry room, basket in Cole's room, all over my floor, and all over the floor in the closet! Oh, and don't forget about all of the laundry that's hanging out in the foyer that needs to be folded and its pretty much blending in with all of the product (bags, koozies, totes, luggage tags, tumblers, etc) that's in the dining room that needs to priced, put together and in The Paper Fairy store by Thursday afternoon! Wait, where was I? I totally went off on something else! Oh, those dern bamboo shelves that I told you about, we are currently up to 16 CANS NOW!!!!!!! But, I think that they are done. And those have to go to The Paper Fairy as well. I will have to check on them in the morning, when I'm not quiet so high from the paint fumes. Okay, yea, we are leaving Friday morning to go to the mountains. Now that I think about it! We might just have to stop by Wal-Mart when we get there and I will just grab a suitcase there and fill it with all the necessities since I won't have time to pack anything here! I wouldn't even know where the clean clothes are! So the sink, and the whole kitchen are staying here! Phew, I'm tired! Thinking about the BIG explosion in my house has worn me out! CAUTION WHEN ENTERING!

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Hipmomofboyz said...

Have a great weekend. I hope you have spooky Halloween. Is your store called the Paper Fairy? What all do you have there and do you have a web site?