Monday, October 27, 2008

In His Time

As I am trying to boost our sales and income at the shop. I have taken a spin on Saturdays to help that. We offer the ability to do home shows, but in our shop. I think its a great concept, just getting people to actually hold the show is the tough part. Which one would think that people would be knocking our doors down to do one, since they don't have to cook, clean, or prepare for anything. Just show up, with all of their friends & family.

So this past Saturday, I was open from 1-4 pm. I invited a slew of people and the girl hosting the Stop ~N~ Shop did as well. As 2:00 starts to roll around, no one has shown up. I begin to think. Maybe this wasn't such a great idea after all. Maybe I should just sell all this stuff and go on with something else. As the frustration began to build up, a friend from MOPS showed up with her family and her oh so adorable son. I got in a better mood. I played with him and he just cracked me up! But from then onto 4, it was pretty steady. We were able to have some sales, which wouldn't have happened if I wasn't there.

The frustration part comes in when I have put so much time into this. Stay up late, get up early, spend all kind of hours up at the shop putting stuff together. You would think that this would be a piece of cake, and at times it is when we have the flexibility that we do, but you also have to think.... we have 4 mouths to feed, Chris actually counts for 2, so that would really be a total of 5! :)

I KNOW that God has HUGE plan for us! He has blessed us beyond measure with the resources and opportunities that He has laid before us! So I know that His plan is GRAND! So by Saturday afternoon, my mood had changed from "Frustration" to "Grateful".

Okay, now change gears, but not too fast though! Over the last month or so, I have started a daily devotional by Joyce Meyer, "Battlefield of the Mind: Devotional. 100 Insights That Will Change the Way You Think". Its an awesome devotional book! Today's devotional is titled "Positive Belief". In the beginning it talks about Abraham and how God promised Him a son and how he waited and waited for years. 25 to be exact! In the meantime, Abraham conceived a child with his wife's (Sarah) handmaiden, Hagar. Could you imagine, telling your husband to go do it with another woman so that you could have a child! Don't think so! As Joyce Meyer stated in her book, she believes that this delayed God on giving them their promised child. All of these bells and lights were going off in my head! That's it! Not that I am having another child or anything close to it, but the plan that He has laid out for us is going to work, IN HIS TIME NOT MY TIME! And BY HIS PLAN, NOT MY PLAN! I can sit here and plan all this stuff, but it may not be His plan! We must pray first and agree with God's plan not plan and pray that our plan will work.

So she ends with a prayer and I think its too good to not to share it:
"Dear Father in heaven, forgive my lack of belief. Forgive me for allowing Satan to deceive me or make me think I'm worthless or unworthy of Your miracles. I am worthy because You made me worthy. You are the God of the impossible, and I ask You to help me wait on You and never give up..."


And you know me.... all of a sudden, a song pops in the head! "Everlasting God!"

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Ida B. Goddard said...

I love it! This post is especially encouraging to me since we are trying to conceive now and have been since january - details are for another time :). I have known all along that it is all in God's time and not mine and that it is God's plan and not mine, but after a while, you begin to get discouraged. I constantly remind myself of all of this, but sometimes, I still don't believe it. Thank you for being my source of encouragement today!

PS - I caught up on the month of October!