Friday, August 15, 2008

Another Year Gone By

So this morning, I’m a little sad! I’m preparing for Coleman’s 1st birthday tomorrow! I can’t believe that my little baby is already ONE and it seems like yesterday I was pacing waiting for him to come EARLY when in fact, he arrive a DAY LATE! My boys (all 3) have been such a blessing to me and recently taught ME whats really important in life… reading books, playing hide n seek, coloring, laying in the grass looking at the clouds (although Cole has to have a blanket, he can’t stand the grass), and the list goes on. Seeing my children grow up right before my very eyes is exciting but yet very sad…. That means Im getting older too! And Chris… well, that means that he’s really getting older!
In this last year Coleman has done alot! As most babies at his age do. He has learned to give mommy a kiss and that melts my heart! He has daddy wrapped about his finger, right beside his brother! Actually last night when Chris came home, I was in Cole’s room changing his diaper and when he heard his daddy he got so MAD because I wasn’t going fast enough. I had to take him to see his daddy (who hung the moon!) so that he would be happy! The boys and their daddy! I’m beyond blessed to have such a wonderful daddy to my children. Over the last week I have weaned Coleman off his "Magic Medicine" (Prilosec for acid reflux) and he seems to be doing great! No spitting up or the fussies!

Be sure to check back soon! I hope to learn how to post pictures from the party!

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