Friday, August 15, 2008

"Man Tools"

Today the kids and I were on our daily walk. Hudson complained that his ankle was hurting, that something had scratched it. I checked it out, nothing that I could see. Then after several steps I realized that a long screw had come loose from his bike. I pulled it out and told him that him and daddy would have to fix it tonight.
At dinner Chris and I explained to Hudson that the screw will need a nut on the other end to hold it onto the bike. As you may know, Hudson is ALWAYS concerned about things and ask 90 million questions. Hudson was asking Chris, making sure that he had one nut to fix the bike…
……Im sure you can see where this is going…..
So heres the conversation at the dinner table tonight:
HUDSON: "Daddy, do you have two nuts?"
CHRIS: "Well, yes, I do!"
Hudson: (with his arms stretched out as wide as they would go) Are they thiiiiiiis big daddy?"
CHRIS: "THEY ARE! And how big are your nuts Hudson?"
HUDSON: (once again, the arms stretched out SUPER far!) "THIIIIIIS BIG!"
HA! Kids! You gotta love them! We were dying! I was on the floor practically! Hudson had (and still has no clue) that he was saying something so crazy!

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