Friday, August 15, 2008

Mama knows Best!

My mama is the BEST by far…. always knows what to say or do! Whenever she is here, I NEVER have to ask her to do anything. She just always knows what to do, when to do it and does it THEN! She knows my children like the back of her hand. Knows their every sound and what they mean. Knows their daily routine, favorite foods, tv shows, and clothes. Not only does she know them, she KNOWS ME! Like the FRONT AND BACK of her hand, arm, legs, etc! I have yet to even tell her this story, but its stuck in my mind and I can’t get it off, so I decided to do a little bloggin’ about it!
On the day of Coleman’s birthday party, I wanted everything to be perfect, eventhough it was only family and our very best friends coming…. who have all seen us and our home in complete chaos! But still, I always like to look like I have it together and my house always looks that nice and neat! (who am I kidding!) Anyhow, (I know, blah blah blah… get on with the story!). As I walked through the kitchen, I noticed the little filter holder for the coffee pot that was sitting on the counter and thought, "Oo! That needs to be put away!" That thought was the last one I had….. until later that night when I went to make coffee for the next day. The filter holder was NOT THERE! And a small smile came to my face and a sweet warmess to my heart! SHE KNEW!!! She knew that I wouldn’t want that on the counter! I never had to mention to her that I didn’t want that there, she just did it!

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