Friday, August 15, 2008

Mama's B-O-D-Y

Yea! Right! I know…. a mama’s body! What more can say about it?
In my early 20’s I was alot smaller, size 4 on a good day and a 6 on bad. Nice tan, pretty nails, pretty blonde hair. NO KIDS- well just one, but he was potty trained and could pretty much take care of himself on his good days.
2004: a little weight had creeped on from the late night drive thru’s on my way home from class at 10:00 at night, the previous semester. But also this year, Hudson was born in August! What a joy he was! Perfect little baby! Mama’s body went back somewhat. Not near what it was, but I tried to achieve, just never got there…. bought that LOVELY weight gym thingy in the basement. PROMISED Chris that I would use it and work out. And he promised me that he work out with me….. Have we even been down there together at the same time? Better yet… Has Chris even seen that thing? Probably just in passing.
August 2006: Coleman was conceived! Whew! Got out working out and getting the pre-baby body back postponed! It’s cool, I’ll work on that later! When he was born…. putting him down, NOT AN OPTION! So one would think that my arms would be toned after carrying him around day in and day out. My calves would be HOT and TONED from bouncing on my tip toes ALL NIGHT LONG while he was screaming. But they aren’t.
So now, let’s go today! As I am getting ready, just to go to the library, I look in the mirror and say "What has happened to me? Where did I go?" And the last 4 years flash in front of my eyes…. My TWO VERY PRECIOUS HEAVEN SENT BABIES are where the time and body has gone! Standing there with just my under garments on, I see those weird "rolls" and "lines" on my belly that I noticed on my grandmother YEARS ago and thought to myself, "I will NEVER have those!" But I do… and Im trying to love them.
So lets break it down, from the TOP!:
HAIR: still blonde, with ALOT of bleach.. the gray SHINING through, but I wouldn’t have the gray if my babies weren’t here to give me something worth worrying about.
Wrinkles on my face: I say that they are laughing countless hours and the silly things that they do and staying up late to wash sheets from sick nights!
Yellow Stained Teeth: From the numerous cups of coffee I drink in the morning from staying up all night with a sick baby or one that screamed, but I had those few extra hours just to hold my bundle of joy.
The Saggy Barely There Boobies: Those are from nursing 2 little boys! And I am so proud to say that I have 2 little angels that I was able to bond with that way!
Triple Decker in the Mid section: CRAP! Who knows how ALL three got there! But the ability to concieve and carry is such a gift that I will take a Quadruple Triple Decker if I have to.
BABY GOT BACK BOOTIE!: Well, its just flat and wide…. can’t blame that on the kids…. just plain genes, not jeans…. genes! Maybe if I bought some of those slimming jeans, that would help my genes?
Connect the Dots Legs: Connect the dots, la la la….. No telling where all these bruises came from. Usually from a toy being thrown, tripping on toy, hurrying to clean up & end up hitting the dishwasher, table, or something. But if there were no bruises, that would mean no toys to try to hide from, trip over, or clean up!
Mama’s Body! I love it! I was sad when I really took a look at it today. But every single "problem" that I see is nothing! My boys think that I hung the moon and the love that they give is worth every single bruise, roll, saggin’ boob, wrinkle, not so pearly white teeth and gray course hair! I love my new traits! Thank you boys! It’s not everyday that a woman can concieve and have the ability to carry. So with all of this being said, I’m so very thankful for ALL of my imperfections that I have. Because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have these two little gifts, whose names are Hudson Troy and Coleman Wade.
Now, who wants to join me for a Molten Chocolate Cake with extra Whip Cream and loaded with ice cream? And a trip to STARBUCKS! MMMM Yummy!

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