Friday, August 15, 2008

I forgot the KITCHEN SINK!

As we prepared for a lovely Memorial Day with friends and family, in the beautiful City of Dacula, located ONLY 4 miles from house…. I forgot the kitchen sink for our 1/2 day trip! How can that be? Well you see, I am self-diagnosed OCD. Not really been confirmed by any type of Doctor, other than Ashley Price!
We headed out around 9:30 to Hebron for the Dacula Parade and we were so excited! Hudson was just beside himself, he couldn’t wait! We had the back of the car PACKED with EVERYTHING, except the kitchen sink. We had a stroller, wagon, cooler for cold stuff, bag for snacks, diaper bag full of first aid, diapers, and all the other neccessities that someone MIGHT need! Plus, several blankets in case we needed them at the park if all the tables were taken up. I know, who else on earth would think of ALL THIS STUFF to take? Oh! I forgot Hudson’s bike! Not in the car, but on my list, I would NEVER forget to actually take something like that.
we had a great time at the parade. Caught WAY TOO much candy! But it was so much fun! And humbling to see all these people in cars, floats, etc that served our country and gave their lives for OUR FREEDOM! Thank you! Hudson came to the conclusion that only baby horses poop on the road because they can’t use the potty like the big horses!
After the parade, we packed up and headed to Little Mulberry Park AKA "Blueberry Park" to have a picnic with some great friends of ours (the Sissom’s) that had way too much fun laughing along with us about me forgetting the kitchen sink…. and moist towellets! The kids had a blast and rode thier bikes around the park. Although, Bryleigh decided that she would rather "Get some exercise" by walking and not ride her bike! Silly little girl she is! It was such a beautiful day to be outside and play and catch some fresh air. Coleman did FANTASTIC! He had to skip his morning nap and just hang in there all day and tag along to the plans. He strolled along all afternoon! Sweet little boy he was! We then made a pit stop at the new Ben N Jerry’s in Dacula. YUMMY!!!!! Although Hudson CAN NOT STAND ice cream, he picked the M&Ms off his ice cream and then headed out to play.
We had a fantastic day of fun with our family and friends! I guess that its okay that I forgot the kitchen sink, we really didn’t need it…. and everything else that I brought!

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