Friday, August 22, 2008

Wasn't that Yesterday??

Wasn't that yesterday when....
~Chris told me just to go back to sleep and stop stressing because I thought that my water had broke?
~Then called mom and said, "Yea, we are gonna go to the hospital... I'll call you later!" But she insisted that she meet us there.
~and the triage nurse says "Oh no Mrs. Price, you are having this baby now!" NO WAY!! I still had 3 weeks left! This just can't be. So I tell the nurse, while balling my eyes out, "But you see, we aren't ready yet. I just had a shower for him yesterday!"

So in 3 short hours, Hudson Troy made his big arrival after 3 big pushes and many tears and a BUTT LOAD of a shock to everyone!

Wasn't this yesterday........

Last night, when Chris and I were putting him to bed, telling him that tomorrow when he awoke, he would be 4 years old. I teared up and said that I was sad. I am, I am so sad, that my baby is already 4. It all seems like yesterday when Chris and I left for the hospital, only to think that we were going to return home in a couple of hours. The only thing that we took was a bottle of water.

And came home with a precious little gift, Hudson Troy Price. 7 lbs 19 inches. 10 tiny fingers, 10 tiny toes and perfect little mouth.

To think that all of this took place 4 whole years ago is baffling to me, I'm almost positive that this was yesterday.

But here is Hudson Troy today..... Every bit of 4 years old.

Check back soon for how the wild birthday party went!

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Kelly Ford said...

Crazy! hes so stinkin cute!!!