Friday, August 15, 2008

Domestic Engineer...NOW HIRING!

This is a blog that I did almost a year ago and I think that its so funny! So I wanted to add it to my page!
Friday, August 10, 2007
A Day in the Life of A Domestic Engineer Current mood: exhausted

A day in the life of a domestic engineer, myself….
As the day begins…. Well, it never really ended from the day before since I went to bed at 11, woke up at 3:30 and 5:30 to feed Coleman. Oh, and Hudson woke up needing to find that toy that he wasn’t supposed to go to bed with. Ok, they are both back to sleep and now its almost 6. I will try to get a little more sleep before we are up for good for the day. Now Hudson’s in my face asking me, "Mommy, can I play my game?" "No sweetie" I groggily say. "Its not time to get up yet. Get in the bed with us for a little while." So he does for 10 minutes only to get up again, pull the blinds back and say "no, mommy, its day! We can get up now!" Well, better luck tomorrow I tell myself.
Now, what’s for breakfast? I’ll fix the usual. Scrambled eggs with bacon. Sometimes Hudson will eat dry cereal or even at times, he’ll have a snack. Then some days, I glance at the clock. WHAT? Its already 11!!! I haven’t even had breakfast yet, (not good for a nursing mother!) I’m still in my pajamas! Where did the morning go? Oh yea, that’s right! Coleman was a little fussy this morning and wanted to be held and of course, he has eaten twice since he woke up and now, lets get him down for a nap. Lets let Hudson play his game that way I can keep it quiet for Coleman while I’m putting him down for his nap. Hmm? What’s that I see on the computer desk? NO! That’s not the water bill that was due Monday, THIS PAST MONDAY! Ok guys! Lets load up in this hot as a monkey’s armpit weather and go to the County Water Office. Of course, we go through the drive-thru. There is NO way that I am lugging the baby in with a toddler in tow as well, in this heat. Did I mention how hot it was? So we pull up… Here’s where being a girl comes in handy. "Hello sir! (with a huge smile). I know that this bill is late, it was due Monday, but you see, my son has been sick this week (TOTALLY TRUE!) and…" The young man then says "Its okay ma’am, there won’t be a late fee." Phew!! That’s great! Especially right now! So here we go, back home, in this furnace! Hurry into the house so we don’t suffocate in this heat.
Now, its lunch time! What shall we cook? Wait a minute? Didn’t Chris say when he left that he wanted me to make tea? Ok, lets start that and while that cooking on the stove, I’ll call the Department of Revenue (if you don’t know, Chris and I own our own business and I take care of all taxes, payroll, and books. Sometimes from home and many times we all load up and head to the shop.) and see if I can get this issue resolved. All the while, Coleman is in the swing fussing and Hudson is playing his game, again! Okay, now the IRS and State should be pleased. Now, Hudson and I sit down to enjoy our lunch that was heating up while I was on the phone. No, why is Coleman crying? I’ll just hold him while I bounce, walk, and rock, and swing by the table to grab a bite and remind Hudson to eat too. Did I mention that Coleman has Acid Reflux and Colic? Yea, no fun!
After lunch is naptime. Lets feed Coleman and get him down so that I can spend a few quality alone minutes with Hudson while I put him down. Hurry! Jump in the bed with Hudson, read some books and sing. I come out, he’s going to sleep. (Some days, Coleman is so fussy that I have to call Chris and get him to come home and help me. What a luxury I have to have the ability to call my husband and tell him to come home!) No, is Coleman awake now? Shove the pacy in his mouth and get him back to sleep. "Mommy, I wanna stay awake?" Says Hudson behind me. This battle getting him to sleep only happens every once in awhile, but today was a BATTLE! I had to actually close his door to keep him in there after he came out with 10 different off the wall excuses as to why he couldn’t sleep. Now, lets see? What’s for dinner? The menu thought process usually begins first thing in the morning and the preparations come at nap time. That is unless I’m putting it in the crock pot and I’ll do that when I wake up. Okay, so we’ll have this…. Shh! What’s that? Coleman’s awake again! You see, he doesn’t sleep much. I’ll just put him in the swing so he will sleep and that will give me a few minutes of peace. Back to sleep he goes. Now, its time for Chris to come home. Good thing I got that tea made! This is when we usually have time to talk and share things. Sometimes, its just quiet, which we enjoy. He enjoys his lunch and sweet tea. Since someone has to make us some money, he has to go back to work. I do try to make money, but that comes later in the night. Ooo! That sounds naughty! Totally legal what I do…. I’ll get to that! Well, you know, I think that I am going to sit down and rest for a moment. Just when I close my eyes, I hear Hudson waking up. Oh well! Now we play, do laundry…. No! Is that load that’s in the washer the one that I put in there last night? Yep! Well, gotta re-wash them since it soured. One time I actually washed a load of towels 4 times before they made it to the dryer without souring again! Please just don’t forget that you put those in there again! Now, I believe that I will get in the shower. Better yet. I’ll wait till Chris get home and I’ll barricade myself in there! Oh to shave my legs and wash my hair…
Yeah!! The Jungle Gym has arrived!! That would be daddy! You see. God has blessed me with the best husband and daddy in the world! Seriously, there are only a handful of daddys out there that are almost as good as the one my children have. Hudson literally gets to jump all over daddy! Chris is such a hands on daddy, except for when Coleman poops make an appearance. He acts like he’s allergic. However, there was a 2 week period to where he couldn’t change poop diapers due to a vaccine that was given to Coleman that could cause harm to Chris. Those 2 weeks are long gone and he’s still not changing poops! That’s okay! I tend to enjoy it though. Coleman LOVES his changing table, so I like to go in there and laugh and talk with him anyhow. Its gets us away from the crazy "Gym".
So we sit down to dinner, and Coleman decides that he wants to be fussy again. No biggie! I’ll just walk around with him again and grab bites here and there. We clean up after dinner and then its bath time. The mommy duties are diminishing a little as the daylight hours come to an end. Chris gives Hudson’s bath and I do Coleman’s. We get them in the bed, only to crash on the couch. Here’s where I am to turn from mommy to a "wife". Many of you know what I am talking about. Its not the easiest thing in the world to do, but its worth it!! Some nights, I try to make money. (not necessarily during the "wife" process!) Legally, like I said. I have been listing stuff on eBay well up until midnight. Then, I’m so tired that I crash into the bed only to be woken up in a few short hours by sweet little Coleman, needing to eat again. You see, a day in the life of a mommy, never ends. The days are continuous even though the "calendar days" actually change. I guess that’s why I have missed so many birthdays, bill due dates, and appointments. Since August of 2004 it has just felt like one LONG day!
I hope that this doesn’t offend anyone. This was actually brought on by a conversation that I had with a friend recently in regards to how much money stay at home moms should make. I can’t put an amount on it. But you couldn’t pay me a million dollars to do something else. Although times are tough, the Lord has blessed our family with the ability to allow me to stay at home with our boys and have our boys go to the shop with us. So God bless you, you working mothers! I don’t know how you do it!
It’s a good thing that I am done typing now, both boys are awake again!

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