Friday, August 15, 2008

Turning Over A New Leaf.... or a FEW of them actually

As you can see in my previous blog post "Mama’s Body", I wasn’t too happy with the appearance. Those lovely parts sagging, rippling, and just down right flabby! So this past Sunday, I have really started to get with the program. Whose program you might ask? Its the Ashley Price Program. Just kinda doing my own thing. I am trying to workout atleast 30 minutes a day, Hudson gets on the stair master beside me and we talk, you know, grown up toddler talk. Its so much fun and quite knee slapping hilarious! He actually sat on the stair master and pushed it down a few times, got off and says "Mama, can you see my ‘button’–what we call the backside— muscles?" WHAT ON EARTH?!?! The child is so silly. Im also trying to do weight watchers. Not attending any meetings! Are you kidding me? Let someone else see my weight, I don’t even like to look at it myself! So wish me luck as I try to stick to this. I knew that I had made some changes last night while at the grocery store when I called Chris to calculate some points for me… that little box of food… 5 POINTS each! So it goes, back on the shelf!
I am currently reading "Being A Great Mother, Raising Great Kids"– By Sharon Jaynes. Its a fantastic read! In the book she said that stay at home mothers have an average of conversation time of 30 minutes a day with their child, whereas the working mother only has 15 minutes! WHOA! So that was yesterday morning that I read that. So all day yesterday, I kept saying… "How many minutes have I conversed with my children now?" Im worried… about entirely way too many things…. Are they gonna grow up too sheltered?… Are they gonna talk to me when they are teens?…. Will they take the right path?…. Will they feel shafted as teens/ young adults from a result in childhood?…. Those kinds of thoughts. I am sure that I am worrying about this way too much. But I want the best for my boys, all THREE of them! I want them to know that we are one family that loves one another and they can always feel safe to climb into our laps. I want them to feel secure and feel like they can come to us anytime and look back later in life with warm hearts.
Hudson will be starting back to school the day after labor day. I can’t believe it. This time next year, he will be attending Kindergarten. This just can’t be! I know it was just yesterday that I was in Labor and Delivery crying at the nurse telling her that he can’t come out now… WE AREN’T READY FOR HIM!!! He still has THREE weeks LEFT!!! But no, Hudson does things on HIS OWN TIME! We bought him some new school shoes yesterday. He was thrilled when we got home. He put them on, turned on the "Super Why" soundtrack on the computer and cleaned up all of toys as he also "worked out" running around the room. We always tell him that we can’t believe how big he his getting. So one day, he said, out of the blue.."Mama, when I get so big, will I still be able to fit in the house?" Hee Hee!
And little Coley…..That little booger! He is a handful! Over the past week, he has turned into a daddy’s boy. Not good! He was a total Mama’s boy. We will have to work on that! Usually everyday when Chris comes home from work, Cole is eating dinner in his high chair. He hears Chris open the door and Cole will immediately start waving and "tisss tisss disss disss"ing. thats usually what all he says! Its precious! He is beginning to walk. His favorite thing to do is "Grab Drawer". Instead of grab bag… he does grab drawer. he goes to the drawer, opens it, he can’t even see in it, but he will reach his hand over into it and just pull & throw things out. Although it makes a HUGE mess, its cute. I tend to like tripping over measuring cups, spatula, pot & pans! He will take anywhere from 3-7 steps at a time. Then he says, heck with this…. Im crawling! He could win a gold medal for the fastest crawler! He is absolutely precious! I never thought that I could have enough love in my heart to love both children (when I was pregnant with Cole). I remember when mom used to say, you will love them differently, b/c they are different. Its so true. These boys are the highlights of my life and its such a total blessing to be a mommy and watch my children grow. Some days I wish that I could just fast forward to the end, but most times, I wish that I could just push the pause button so that I could soak in every little detail of the moment.
So I kinda got away from the topic, but thats okay. To sum up… my new leafs are getting in better shape, eating better, spending more than 30 minutes in conversation with my boys, soaking in every detail, and putting away "things" that are NOT IMPORTANT!

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The Harris Family said...

That is interesting what your book says about working moms - however I do disagree. I know I talk to Logan way more than 15 or even 30 minutes each day. All we do is talk - I guess that is why he can say/repeat most words at 15 months! I love hearing what books have to say about working moms and stay at home moms - I have been both and know that they both work as equally as hard and still raise smart, great kids! I will write that in my own book someday.