Friday, August 15, 2008

Where is that REWIND BUTTON?

Why is it that I wake up so darn early and can’t go back to sleep?!?! Could it be that Chris has sawed a WHOLE entire forest since he got in bed? Or is it that I want to make sure that I don’t over sleep? I have a heard of cattle running through my mind screaming thoughts at one another…..
This is at 4 AM, this morning. You know what? I’ll get up, empty the bladder, fluff the pillow, remove my socks, lay on my belly, and THAT will make me go BACK to sleep…….. Okay, get on my side…… It’s the other side that I need to be on, yes that’s it! WHAT ON EARTH?!?!?
Shoot a MONKEY! I’ll just get up! No need staying in here while Chris has logs falling over everywhere, TIIIIMMBBBEEEEERR!! Let’s get some coffee and work a few minutes, then I will rest again before I have to go to the eye doctor. Yes, its true, IM GETTING OLD! I can’t see close up! I knew it was really bad when I was trying to get a splinter out of Mama’s finger and I had to place my bottom jaw on the kitchen table and have Chris hold my top eyelids up by strings. I did get the splinter out though! So here I am…. trucking away on the computer. I did get lots accomplished this morning but I am soooo tired and dragging! The doctors appointment went really well.- going to get glasses tonight.
When I get home, the kids are having a great time with daddy! The house is a wreck! The boys decide that they need to play some instruments. In my house, its the pots and pans with the spatulas and serving spoons. Mmm, this isn’t going to be fun! My eyes are dialated, I can’t see squat, especially close up, I need to wear my sunglasses, IN THE HOUSE! And the boys are BANGING on the pots and pans. Coleman ends up being a little fussy and I decided to put him down for a morning nap.
While we are in his room, Im rubbing his back. What on earth did he lay in thats made his back so wet? I turn him around and there last nights dinner all over my arm, his back, and ooooozing out of his diaper. Nice!?!? Ugh, I just had breakfast! Now hes all cleaned up and Im taking him back to nap. Hes out. The day got better from there. It was never bad or even slightly off, just a typical day- A FUN DAY! Im so blessed that I have my babies, that poop on me!
Hudson and I then went outside to make our Pinecone Bird Feeders. He loved it so much…. eating the peanut butter that is. I actually had a great time. It was therapeutic for me to sit out there, in the sun, and make something with my hands. My hands…. always got to be moving! We hung up 5 pine cones. Im excited about seeing all the new birds!
So that Rewind Button? Would I ever push it? Nah, probably not, then life would be way too boring! And who likes simplicity any ways! I love living a life full of chaos and LOVE! Share the love!

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