Friday, August 15, 2008

Today's Memory

Every day is a new day! I try to make each day special. Not sure how I will do that. I tend to run out of fresh ideas to entertain these little monkeys. Unfortunately, I don’t have many childhood memories. Not sure why, I just don’t. And it actually makes me kind of sad. I want to make sure that my boys can look back on their life with heartwarming memories of their childhood and how much fun that they had.
This summer Im trying to add in new, fun, and exciting things. Last week, Hudson and I planted his garden. I got two planter boxes and his very own seeds. He had to plant them. So last Friday when him and Nama when in the back yard, he had seen that they started to grow! The excitement in him was uncontainable (is that a word?)! It definately spread like wildfire through the family. We all rushed down to see HIS GARDEN! So thats one memory. Anyhow, more things are in the works.
But todays memory….. We went out front, to water the flowers, on our scheduled watering day Im sure. Actually I have NO CLUE as to when our watering days are, so Im sure that the lovely couple down the street that has said a few choice words to me will call the county on me. Sorry….. there goes my thoughts again. Okay, so Hudson is out with me, hes playing and Im watering. He walks in front of the hose and I thought…. Mmm, Im gonna soak him! And I did! We had so much fun! He was laughing so much! Telling me that there was a rain storm, he was under a waterfall, and all kinds of crazy stuff. It was adorable! I love doing silly things like that with him. He had a blast and I did as well. And NO! I didn’t get soak…. no one needs to see a beached whale in the middle of Georgia!

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